JSM Driving School LTD terms and conditions.

Must be at least 48hrs notice before the time of lesson to the instructor or lesson charge will still apply for the booked lesson.

*All Booked lessons must be Prepaid for in advance by bank transfer unless agreed by instructor.

*When using the driving school car on a lesson the customer driver is responsible for any speeding fines or any road traffic act violations and agrees to pay and be responsible for any fines or charges. In the case of a road traffic collision or any damage to the car the driver agrees to paying any insurance excess that maybe due this includes driving on lessons, instruction or the DVSA driving test. The instructor as a duty of care will advise and ensure the customer is kept safe and within the limits to the best of there ability. 

Covid-19 driving lesson new procedures I will apply to keep everyone safe.
Instructor will contact pupil prior to lesson to discuss no symptoms and not been in contact with anyone with symptoms before lesson. Any doubt please cancel if unwell for any reason lesson to be cancelled no charge.
Temperature check infrared will be taken prior to going in car.
Initial meeting on lessons, no contact, discussions outside car 2 metres away, during lesson half way through short discussion and break outside car and end of lesson any discussion briefing outside the car will link this in with under bonnet and car safety checks.
On lessons instructor and pupil to wear face masks or covering and gloves use hand sanitizer. Instructor and pupil to face forward as much as possible. (Instructor will also have face shield)

The car inside and out contact points will be cleaned before and after each lesson.
Instructor and pupil to clean sanitise hands before and after each lesson.

The windows will remain open as much as possible to allow front to rear circulation of air, I will be using wind deflectors to be fitted front and rear which will allow windows to remain open slightly even in rain and weather conditions.
Please wear suitable clothing

The volume of lessons will need to be worked around due to extra times in regards to cleaning.

As we are in an enclosed space 1hr lessons are advised to reduce contact time in the car initially. I will confirm changes as we adapt the phased return to lessons.

All lessons are carried out by self employed driving instructors, JSM is a headboard franchise and all monies taken are responsibility of the self employed driving instructor and pupil. No monies are held by JSM driving school LTD. No liability is taken by JSM as we are just the agent operating the first call to pass details to instructor.

We have no employees at JSM. Only self employed instructors who are responsible for pupils and there own cars.

All are subject to the discretion of JSM Driving School. No refunds available to block purchased lessons or training.

Block bookings and gift vouchers must be taken within a reasonable time period within 6 months of purchase or will expire.

All pupils must have provisional driving licence. You must meet legal eyesight requirements.
We reserve the right to cancel a lesson if the pupil is deemed to be unfit to drive due to alcohol, drugs or other medical reasons that may effect the safety of other road users.
We reserve the right to withdraw our cars for tests without notice should the pupil not be up to test standard.

We can not be held responsible for cancellation of lessons due to illness or mechanical breakdown or severe weather conditions or for any reason a driving test is delayed which is out of our control.

If the pupils own car is used it must be fully road legal taxed and Moted and insured for the purpose of tuition and use, this is the pupils responsibility.

We will follow the official DSA driving syllabus when teaching a pupil and recommend the correct number of hours required for road safety and safe driving for life this does vary with pupil to pupil and depends on previous experience and if pupil is having any private practice.Normally on average it takes 45 hours for a beginner to test standard especially if no private practice is being taken.

We will aim to do our very best and apply a code of conduct to ensure a good learning environment for our pupil.
If the pupil is deemed to be not listening to instruction, being offensive to the instructor or carrying out any dangerous driving of any kind the instructor will terminate the lesson and at there discretion stop any further lessons in regard to road safety.


All motorbike training is only available to Full Motorbike licence holders A and A2 etc.

Post-test training:

Disclaimer and declaration

You are responsible for your own ride and machine (your own safety and legality)

You confirm you have a motorbike licence and appropriate insurance to ride for training provided. And if required valid Mot and road tax and your motorbike is safe and road legal.

You confirm you are fit to ride and will inform the instructor of any problems immediately.

Your eyesight must meet requirements.

I am aware I am responsible for all my riding decisions and will make the instructor aware if I become distracted.

I agree that any advice or direction given will require my diligence to be applied safety.

If I have any doubt I will ask for clarification before following the advice/direction.

We do not store any information, any information provided is deleted after use.

No employee’s at JSM only a director.

JSM is registered voluntarily with ico